[The sensei] sent us where all action heroes train. The most extreme, dangerous, most awesomest place in the world: Action Forest!
Hawkodile, Action Forest
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The Action Forest is a location where action heroes are trained. It is located on the outskirts of the Unikingdom.


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The outskirts of the Action Forest are a lush jungle-like area. There are various weapons, such as bombs and shurikens, hanging from the trees. A crashed plane's wing can be seen in the distance.


The interior of the Action Forest contains the remains of the dojo, where Hawkodile and Eagleator used to train. Destroyed in a rage by Eagleator in the past, the dojo is now crumbled at the walls, while also opened up to the ledge of a cliff. Right before the dojo is a Torii gate.


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