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[Start with the sun in the sky smiling. Pan down to a hill, where Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox and Richard are having a picnic. Dr. Fox is holding a teacup and Puppycorn is holding a cake with a plate.]
Unikitty: What a perfect day for a tea party! (Pops up near Dr. Fox, who sips her tea.) Tasty tea for sipping… (Pops up near Puppycorn, who is still eating his cake.) Tasty treats for nibbling! (Pops up by herself, pan out to the others.) And best of all, all of my best friends!
Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard: Yeah!
Unikitty: Wait, where’s Hawkodile?
[Hawkodile’s hawk screech is heard offscreen. The others look towards the sound and gasp. Cut to Hawkodile zooming in from the sky.]
Hawkodile: Princess, look out!
[Cut to Unikitty.]
Unikitty: Aah! For what?!
[Cut to Hawkodile, still flying down, and pointing.]
Hawkodile: That killer ant!
[Cut to a small ant on the strawberry of Puppycorn’s cake. Pan out to Unikitty and Puppycorn, who gasp. Hawkodile lands by the picnic blanket, causing Unikitty and Puppycorn to jump up from the impact. Hawkodile grabs the plate with the cake and throws it towards a rock, where it explodes. Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: And this typhoon!
[Cut to a cloud in the sky. Hawkodile jumps up and punches it, causing the cloud to explode. He jumps back down. Cut back to him.]
Hawkodile: And this razor-sharp twig!
[Cut to Unikitty, who is next to a small stick. She looks down at it and screams. Hawkodile grabs the stick from offscreen. Cut to Hawkodile, who lifts the stick up and snaps it in two unclimatically. Cut to all five. Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard stare in shock at Hawkodile, while he throws the two halves of the stick behind him. Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: All right. Tea party secure. (His glasses shimmer.)
[Cut to Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard.]
Puppycorn: Whoa, dude. That was so cool! (Stars grow in his eyes.)
Dr. Fox: And so brave!
Richard: And so unnecessary.
[Cut to Hawkodile. Unikitty flies up to him, stars in her eyes and on her cheeks, as she holds a wreath of flowers, which she places on Hawkodile’s head.]
Unikitty: That was amazing! Thanks for watching out for us! You’re always there when we need you! (Kisses Hawkodile’s cheek and flies down.)
Hawkodile: Just doing my job, Princess. Danger could be anywhere.
[Pan out to the group.]
Hawkodile: I have to stay vigilant. Watchful at all times, in a constant state of awareness. Prepared for any…
[Someone dashes onscreen, piledriving Hawkodile offscreen as he grunts. Cut to a nearby hill, where the two impact, sending an explosion out. Cut to Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard.]
Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard: Hawkodile!
[The four run off to the other hill. Pan out to the two hills, where their silhouettes are seen rushing to the smoking crater. Cut to the crater, which clears itself of smoke. Hawkodile is working on steadying himself, as he coughs. He moans as he starts to stand up. Cut to the dust clearing, as Eagleator is revealed.]
Eagleator: Hawkodile!
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: Eagleator!
[Cut to Eagleator]
Eagleator: We meet again, bro!
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: I’m not your bro.
[Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: Then we meet again, friend!
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: I’m not your friend.
[Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: Then we meet again, amigo!
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: That’s just Spanish for friend.
[Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: Then tell me, Hawkodile! Are the rumors true? Did you really go (Screen splits diagonally around him.) soft?
[Cut to Hawkodile. The flowers on his crown are now alive and giggling.]
Hawkodile: Huh? (Tears the crown apart, as the flowers scream.) No! What do you want?
[Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: What I’ve always wanted: those sweet shades.
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: It’s in the past, Eagleator.
[Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: You know what they say about the past: it always comes back to punch you!
[Eagleator flies up towards Hawkodile, his fist towards him. Cut to Hawkodile, who reacts in shock, blocking Eagleator’s blow. The two of them exchange various blows that they each block, exclaiming throughout the fight. Cut to outside of the crater, where Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard rush up.]
Unikitty: Hawkodile!
[Hawkodile pops up from the crater.]
Hawkodile: Princess, stay back!
[Eagleator grabs onto Hawkodile’s shoulders, suplexing him in silhouette. Hawkodile collapses onto the ground face-first. He weakly looks up. Cut to Eagleator, walking towards Hawkodile.]
Eagleator: Bro, bro, bro. You really have gone soft.
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: Eagleator, bro, why?
[Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: I told you years ago, bro: I should be the one wearing those shades!
[Eagleator reaches down towards Hawkodile. Cut to Hawkodile, whose shades reflect Eagleator’s glove. Eagleator pulls the shades off of Hawkodile with force in silhouette. Hawkodile covers his eyes and screams. Cut to Eagleator, who puts the shades on, as they gleam. Cut to Hawkodile, who is still hiding his eyes.]
Hawkodile: No! My cool shades!
[Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: You want these back? Then meet me at our old Dojo! And this time, I want a real fight. Bro. In a while, Hawkodile! [Eagleator flies off. Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard run into the crater.]
Unikitty: Hawkodile, are you okay?
Hawkodile: Can’t see…my sweet shades…I’ve worn them for so long, I forgot how bright it is! (Ties a bandanna around his eyes.)
Unikitty: Who was that guy?
[Cut to Hawkodile, who stands up.]
Hawkodile: His name is Eagleator, and he was…my bro.
[Ripple fade to the past, where the Dojo stands in the forest. Cut to a much younger Hawkodile and Eagleator giving high fives to each other. Hawkodile has long hair in a bandanna headband that covers his eyes, while Eagleator has a mullet.]
Hawkodile: (Narrating.) We were elite fighters, training to become the action heroes in the world. We were top of our class.
[Black and white zoom-in on Hawkodile, as “The Warrior” is placed onscreen.]
Announcer: The Warrior!
[Pan to a black and white zoom-in on Eagleator, as “The Hothead” is placed onscreen.]
Announcer: The Hothead!
[Cut to Falcomodo, as he walks towards the two of them.]
Hawkodile: (Narrating.) And our sensei…
[Black and white cut on Falcomodo, as “The Sensei” is placed onscreen.]
Announcer: The Sensei!
[Falcomodo returns to moving, giving a thumbs up. Cut to Hawkodile and Eagleator, who react in shock, but then grin at each other and nod, jumping upwards.]
Hawkodile: (Narrating.) …Sent us where all action heroes train. The most extreme, dangerous, most awesomest place in the world: Action Forest!
[The words “Action Forest” appear on the screen. An explosion and smoke appear behind the words, as two katana swords, a metal plate, eagle wings and talons, chains, robot sharks, fire, and lightning bolts surround the words. Cut to Hawkodile and Eagleator at the edge of the forest. The two of them run off into the forest. Cut to the two of them attacking two enemies.]
Hawkodile: (Narrating.) We could defeat any enemy…
[Cut to the two of them smashing through a window of a skyscraper. The two high five each other.]
Hawkodile: (Narrating.) Smash through windows in slow motion…
[Cut to the two of them walking away from the forest. An explosion goes off behind them, as the two continue walking, fist bumping each other.]
Hawkodile: (Narrating.) Look great in front of explosions…We especially had the best one-liners.
[Cut to Hawkodile running through the forest.]
Hawkodile: Eat our dust!
[Eagleator runs up next to him.]
Eagleator: And if you don’t like it, you can eat a knuckle sandwich! Yeah!
[Pan to the two of them running up a mountain. They reach the top of it and jump upwards.]
Hawkodile: (Narrating.) We were equals in skill and action-hero coolness.
[The two leap down in a kicking pose. Cut to the Dojo, where the two kick through the roof. As the dust settle, a spotlight of sunlight beams down on them as they crouch in a landing position. Cut to the two of them clasping hands.]
Hawkodile: (Narrating.) Our training was complete and the best action heroes would be awarded a hero’s highest honor…
[Hawkodile and Eagleator look offscreen in shock. Falcomodo walks up to the two of them, presenting a pair of shades to them. Cut to the shades as Hawkodile and Eagleator’s faces are reflected in them.]
Hawkodile: (Narrating.) Cool sunglasses.
[Cut to Hawkodile and Eagleator bowing down, as Falcomodo walks up to them. Cut to Hawkodile sweating. Cut to the Falcomodo raising the sunglasses. Cut to Eagleator sweating.]
Hawkodile: (Narrating.) But, only one of us was to receive sunglasses that day…and our Sensei…gave them…to me.
[Falcomodo places the sunglasses over Hawkodile’s eyes. Eagleator opens up one of his eyes and reacts in shock. Cut to Eagleator freaking out. Cut to Hawkodile, as Eagleator reflects on his shades.]
Hawkodile: (Narrating.) But Eagleator was jealous. He thought he deserved the shades!
[Close cut up to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: Those shades should be mine!
[Silhouette cut of Hawkodile being punched in the air by Eagleator.]
Hawkodile: (Narrating.) He tried to prove it by attacking the whole dojo!
[Cut to Eagleator punching Falcomodo, pushing him back and shattering his shades. Cut to Hawkodile landing on the ground. Cut to Eagleator beating up other students.]
Hawkodile: (Narrating.) He said he’d stop at nothing to get them! And no one was tough or cool enough to stop him!
[Cut to Eagleator screaming. Flash cut to Hawkodile punching Eagleator, sending him backwards. Cut to a close up of Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: (Narrating.) Except me!
[Silhouette cut to Eagleator landing on the ground with a thud. Cut to Hawkodile, who walks up to him.]
Hawkodile: Eagleator, why? I thought we were bros!
[Cut to Eagleator, who wipes drool off of his mouth.]
Eagleator: I should be wearing those shades, bro! In a while, Hawkodile!
[Eagleator flies off. Pan out to the remains of the Dojo. Hawkodile sadly turns around, walking away. He approaches the Unikingdom.]
Hawkodile: (Narrating.) He fled, and vowed to return one day for a sweet fight! As for me, I swore to only use my action-hero skills to defend the world from people like Eagleator.
[Hawkodile kicks in midair, jumping down from the hill into the Unikingdom. Fade to white, as it returns to present day. Puppycorn pops up.]
Puppycorn: Whoa, that is hardcore! Your life is so cool! (Stars grow in his eyes.)
Dr. Fox: (Popping in.) Yeah! That was amazing! So much drama and bromance!
Richard: (Popping in, squishing himself against Puppycorn and Dr. Fox’s cheeks.) That was the coolest story I’ve ever heard.
[Pan to Unikitty. She is colored blue, her cheeks are teardrop-shaped, and she is sobbing waterfalls of tears.]
Unikitty: That was the saddest story I’ve ever heard! I can’t believe you lost your friend! (Wraps her arms around herself.) Can’t you just give him a bro-hug and make up?
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: Sorry, Princess. Only combat can solve this.
[Pan out to all five. Hawkodile punches and kicks in the air. Cut to a small rock by Hawkodile’s foot, which he trips over. Cut to Unikitty.]
Unikitty: But you can’t even see without your sunglasses! How are you going to fight him?
[Cut to Hawkodile standing up. He dusts his arm off.]
Hawkodile: Ugh, you’re right. Princess, I would normally never ask this, because of my honor, and also how insanely ill-equipped for battle you are…
[Cut to Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard. The four of them are designed much rounder, with shiny eyes, blush marks, and a pastel rainbow background behind them. Unikitty’s cheeks are heart-shaped.]
Unikitty: (In a baby voice.) What are you talking about, silly head?
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: But this time, you guys will have to fight for me.
[Cut to Puppycorn.]
Puppycorn: Easy. Check this out!
[Puppycorn karate kicks with his front paws, only to land backwards. Pan to Dr. Fox.]
Dr. Fox: I’ve got a few moves up my sleeve!
[Dr. Fox swipes at the air futilely multiple times as she shuts her eyes. She eventually stops, panting. Pan out to her and Puppycorn. Richard phases upwards from below Puppycorn, lifting him off the ground as he reacts in shock.]
Richard: Fisticuffs it is.
[Puppycorn falls off of Richard. Cut to Hawkodile, who is grimacing. Cut to Unikitty.]
Unikitty: I still think you two should make up.
[Cut to Hawkodile. Unikitty flies up to him and squishes at him with her face as sparkle matter shoots out. She flies away from Hawkodile, still near him.]
Unikitty: But friends always help each friends, no matter what!
Hawkodile: Thanks, Princess. (Zoom in on him.) Let’s do this!
[Cut to the five’s icons walking from the castle to the forest.]
Hawkodile: Now the only way to beat an action-hero is to become an action-hero. In Action Forest!
[Pan up to Action Forest. Explosions are popping around the Dojo. The logos walk through a Torii gate. Quick zoom towards the logos. Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard, are covered by smoke, as an explosion hits near them. The dust clears and they look up.]
Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard: Whoa!
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: It’s gonna be tough, but it’s the only way! (Pan out to reveal that Hawkodile is facing the wrong direction.) Sure you’re up for this?
Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard: Yeah! Action Forest, Action Forest, here we come! (Run off into the forest.) Hawkodile: (Feeling the air blindly.) Oh, boy. (Runs off into the forest.)
[Cut to Hawkodile pointing to a chalkboard with the word “Train” on it. Cut to Unikitty, Puppcorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard looking enthused.]
♪You gotta train,
You got to feel the pain! ♪
[Cut to the chalkboard, where a small drawing of Puppycorn is sliding over a car hood.]
♪You got to feel the action pumping through your vein! ♪
[Cut to Unikitty near a car. She opens up the car door, slides through the seats, and exits through the other door. Cut to Hawkodile with a training dummy. He turns the smile of it upside down.]
♪You gotta frown,
You got to jump around! ♪
[Cut to Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard’s icons running in the background, while Hawkodile looks at a stop watch. Cut to an image of Puppycorn on the chalkboard breaking through a glass window.]
♪Leap through panes of glass,
As time slows down! ♪
[Cut to Puppcorn jumping into a glass window. He hits the glass, slowly sliding down. Cut to Hawkodile walking away from an explosion. Pan to Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard being blown back by the explosion. Cut to Hawkodile, who shakes his head and sighs.]
♪Everybody starts out as a zero. ♪
[Cut to Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard. They are charred and in a pile. Unikitty leaps up in determination.]
♪But if you’re cool enough,
You can be a hero! ♪
[Cut to Unikitty running. She slides on the car hood.]
♪Gotta do your best,
Gotta put ‘em to the test! ♪
[Cut to Puppycorn breaking through the window in slow motion.]
♪Become more radical,
Than all the rest! ♪
[Cut to Dr. Fox. She is wearing a spy jumpsuit, visor, and headseat. She is dangling from a wire, typing into a computer. She gives a thumbs-up to the camera.]
♪You’ve gotta hack,
And go on the attack! ♪
[Cut to Richard driving a motorcycle off of a cliff. He is wearing an eyepatch and has chin stubble. Cut to the ground of the jungle. He floats downwards, as the motorcycle explodes near him.]
♪Do what you got to do,
To get the cool shades back! ♪
[Cut to Unikitty and Puppycorn at an interrogation table. A small dummy with a mug of coffee is at the table. Puppycorn is wearing a worn collared shirt and a loose tie, also holding a mug of coffee.]
Puppycorn: We can do this the easy way… (Sips coffee.)
Unikitty: (Turning into Angry Kitty, blasting the dummy and table away.) Or the hard way! (Roars, spewing fire. The screen pauses on her, going black and white, as “The Loose Cannon” is placed by her.)
Announcer: The Loose Cannon!
[Cut to Puppycorn floating in the air near and explosion, still in his cop outfit.]
Puppycorn: I’m getting too old for this!
[Puppycorn drinks his coffee. The screen pauses on him, going black and white, as “The tired Veteran” is placed by him.]
Announcer: The Tired Veteran!
[Cut to Dr. Fox jumping through the explosion. Her glasses have various green 1s and 0s on them, as she types on a keyboard watch.]
Dr. Fox: I’ll hack into his defenses!
[The screen pauses on her, going black and white, as “The Cyber Hacker” is placed by her.]
Announcer: The Cyber Hacker!
[Cut to Richard flying through the explosion. He has his eyepatch, along with a grizzled chin.]
Richard: Catchphrase?
[The screen pauses on him, going black and white, as “The Man of Few Words” is placed by him.]
Announcer: The Man of Few Words!
[Cut to Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard walking away from an explosion. Unikitty flies in and lands in the gap between Puppycorn and Dr. Fox, walking with them. Cut to Hawkodile, illuminated by the embers of the explosion as his bandanna strings flutter in the wind.]
Hawkodile: You’re ready.
[Flame cut to the top of the Torii gate. The sun is going down over the Dojo, casting the forest in shadow. Hawkodile is on top of the gate, as Unikitty flies up onto it. Cut to Unikitty and Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: The Dojo isn’t far.
Unikitty: (With a grizzled voice.) Hawkodile, it doesn’t have to be this way. Why don’t you just give your old friend a hug?
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: Because I was wrong about Eagleator. I thought he was my friend, but in the end, he was just a jerk.
[Cut to Unikitty.]
Unikitty: You sure you can’t hug it out?
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: Princess, there’s a time for hugs, and there’s a time for punches. And right now, it’s time for…
[Cut to Unikitty.]
Unikitty: Hugs.
[Cut to Hawkodole.]
Hawkodile: No, punches.
[Cut to Unikitty.]
Unikitty: Oh, right. I see where you were going with that now.
[Cut to the back of the Torii gate. Hawkodile and Unikitty jump off of it. Cut to the Dojo. It is still damaged from the past battle. Cut to inside the Dojo. Hawkodile walks in, looking back and forth. Hawkodile gasps, as Eagleator’s eagle screech is heard. Cut to Eagleator soaring in, his fist extended. He lands on the ground. Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: Looking for these? (Adjusts the sunglasses.)
[Cut to Hawkodile, who frowns.]
Hawkodile: You’re talking about the shades?
[Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: (Yelling.) Of course I’m talking about the shades! Obviously! (Stops yelling.) But I’m surprised you came, bro! How do you expect to beat me if you can’t even see me?
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: I’m not gonna beat you. (Points.) They are!
[Pan to Eagleator. Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard jump out near Eagleator, yelling at him. Cut to Dr. Fox, who pulls out a laptop. Cut to Richard, who grimaces. Cut to Puppycorn, who sips at his mug of coffee. Cut to Unikitty, whose colors shift to Angry Kitty’s, as her cheeks are replaced by skull marks. Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: Impressive. I see you’ve trained your bros well! Maybe I’ll get a real fight after all!
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: Guys, show ‘em what you’ve got!
[Cut to Dr. Fox, who types on her lap top as she jumps up.]
Dr. Fox: Hacking in! I’ll disrupt all the systems!
[Cut to Unikitty, who jumps over a car hood. Cut to a wall in the Dojo, which Richard breaks through.]
Richard: Catchphrase.
[Pan to Puppycorn, who does a combat roll. He slides to a stop and snaps his head to the camera.]
Puppycorn: It was supposed to be my day off! (Sips coffee.)
[Cut to Dr. Fox sliding onto the ground. She has two laptops, one that she is typing with her hands, the other with her feet.] Dr. Fox: Mainframe is down! (Smacks the keyboard.)
[Diagonal box cut to Unikitty.]
Unikitty: We can do this the easy way, or the hard way!
[Open cut to Unikitty by a table with a mug of coffee near it. She slams the table with her paw, as he colors shift to Angry Kitty’s. She flips the table as she screams. Cut to Richard driving a motorcycle off of a cliff. Cut to Richard landing on the dojo, as the motorcycle drops and explodes behind him.]
Richard: Catchprase.
[Cut to Puppycorn breaking through a window in slow motion.]
Puppycorn: No! I’m too old for this! (Sips his coffee.)
[Cut to Eagleator looking confused. Unikitty shifts between herself and Angry Kitty near him, Richard jumps up and down near him, Puppycorn runs in a circle near him, and Dr. Fox slaps various keyboards near him.]
Eagleator: Uh, is something supposed to happen here?
[Cut to Hawkodile, who facepalms. Cut to Unikitty.]
Unikitty: I’m looking as cool as I can! (Roars, shifting to Angry Kitty.)
Puppycorn: (Pops up near Unikitty. His eyes are bloodshot.) Why isn’t this working? (Sips on one mug of coffee and sloshes the other into his face.)
[Cut to Dr. Fox, who is surrounded by four laptops, which she presses at random.]
Dr. Fox: Did we learn all the cool action-hero stuff and forget to learn how to fight?!
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: Yeah, my bad.
[Cut to Eagleator. Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard surround him.]
Eagleator: (Jumping up in rage.) Pathetic! (Slams his fists down in a shockwave, knocking the others away.)
[Cut to Hawkodile, who is blown back by the shockwave. Cut to Richard being embedded into the wall as Unikitty lands next to him. Cut to Puppycorn sliding away, as his mug of coffee sloshes behind him. Dr. Fox bounces back behind him. Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: Is that the best you can do, bro? I said I wanted a real fight!
[Eagleator lunges towards Hawkodile. Cut to Eagleator preparing to punch. Cut to Hawkodile in a defensive pose. Eagleator punches, as Hawkodile blocks the blow. Cut to outside the Dojo, as a dust cloud erupts. Cut back to Hawkodile and Eagleator. Hawkodile rushes Eagleator, pushing him back past Unikitty and Richard. Unikitty reacts in shock. Cut to Hawkodile and Eagleator exchanging blows and blocking the ones received.]
Hawkodile: Karate! Judo! Punch!
[Cut to Eagleator pinning Hawkodile’s fists down. He throws Hawkodile in the air.]
Eagleator: Kick!
[Eagleator kicks the airborne Hawkodile, knocking him back. Cut to Unikitty, who flies over to the two, who are still fighting.]
Unikitty: You have to stop fighting! It’s not fixing anything! Hawkodile, stop!
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: I defeated ‘em once, I can do it again!
[Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: Hah! Unlikely!
[Eagleator sends out a punch. Cut to Hawkodile, who is hit by the punch in the face. Cut to Unikitty, as exclamation points surround her.]
Unikitty: Hawkodile!
[Shadow cut to Hawkodile and Eagleator. Hawkodile stumbles back from the punch. Cut to Hawkodile. His cheek is swollen. Eagleator’s shadow looms over him as he looks up. Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: See, bro? I’m better than you! The shades should have always been mine!
[Pan to Unikitty, who flies up. Negative sparkle matter shoots out of her.]
Unikitty: Hawkodile, there’s a time for hugs, and there’s a time for punches. (Zoom in on her, as rainbows fill her eyes and her cheeks are replaced by hearts.) And right now, it’s time for…
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: (Gasps.) Hugs?
[Cut to Eagleator, who is roaring, as he rushes in with a punch. Cut to Hawkodile, who stands up and opens his arms out. Cut to Eagleator, still rearing for a punch.]
Hawkodile: Huh?
[Cut to Hawkodile, who wraps his arms around Eagleator and hugs onto him. Cut to shadows of them, as a purple shockwave surrounds the two of them, spreading hearts out. Cut to Eagleator, who grunts.]
Eagleator: What are you doin’?
[Cut to Hawkodile.]
Hawkodile: The only move they’ve never taught us: a hug. Sorry, bro.
[Zoom into Eagleator. A flashback of him and Hawkodile running is cut to.]
♪I thought I lost ,
But I found.
Then I turned around,
And I found you. ♪
[Cut to the two of them landing onto the ground from the air. Cut to the two of them clasping hands. Flash back to Eagleator, who returns the hug.]
♪Finally found you. ♪
Eagleator: I’m sorry too, bro. It’s been so long, I was too ashamed to admit, but you earned those shades fair and square.
[Cut to Unikitty, who sighs in happiness, as multicolored hearts surround her. Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused.
[Cut to Hawkodile, who smiles. Cut back to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: Sike!
[Shadow cut to Eagleator suplexing Hawkodile to the ground. Cut to Unikitty, who is surrounded by exclamation points as her cheeks turn into exclamation points.]
Unikitty: Hey!
[Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: (Laughing.) I’m the best, and I’m never giving these shades back!
[Cut to Unikitty, who turns into Angry Kitty.]
Unikitty: (Yelling.) Hey! He was trying to hug it out!
[Cut to Eagleator, who gasps in shock. Cut back to Unikitty.]
Unikitty: (Yelling.) Why do you hate friendship?!
[Unikitty screams, as a flaming fist surrounds her body. Shadow cut to her rushing towards Eagleator, who screams as she connects. Cut to Unikitty continuing to scream as she flies up. Cut to Eagleator screaming as he falls, the shades falling off of his face. He grabs onto the edge of the cliff with one hand, dangling. Cut to the shades flying in the air. Hawkodile grabs onto them. Cut to Eagleator looking downwards in fear. He looks back up at Hawkodile. Cut to Hawkodile undoing his bandanna. Cut to Eagleator, as the bandanna drifts down near him. Cut to Hawkodile stepping towards the ledge of the cliff. He crouches down, adjusting his glasses, which shine.]
Hawkodile: Eagleator, it’s over. (Extending his hand out.) Give me your hand!
[Cut to Eagleator.]
Eagleator: You win this time, Hawkodile! But I’ll never rest until those shades are mine!
[Cut to Hawkodile, who puts his hand down, sighing in exhaustion.]
Hawkodile: See you later, Eagleator.
[Cut to Eagleator’s hand on the cliff. He lets go, falling in a spreadeagle pose. Cut to the shadow of the cliff, as Eagleator flies off. Cut to Eagleator’s shadow against the setting sun.]
Eagleator: In a while, Hawkodile!
[Eagleator laughs manically as he flies off into the distance. Cut to Unikitty and Hawkodile.]
Unikitty: Hawkodile, are you okay?
[Unikitty hops over to Hawkodile, as he hugs her.]
Hawkodile: I am now. (Breaks the hug.)
Unikitty: Sorry I lost my temper. Even though I said it was time for hugs.
Hawkodile: No, Princess. You were right. Sometime it is time for hugs. But when your bro is a super-evil action fighter who wants to beat up you and all your friends, then it’s time for punches.
Unikitty: (Leaping up, shooting out sparkle matter.] Yay!

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