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Unikitty: Wait, where’s Hawkodile?
Hawkodile: Princess, look out!
Unikitty: Aah! For what?!
Hawkodile That killer ant!
Puppycorn: Whoa, dude. That was so cool!
Dr. Fox: And so brave!
Richard: And so unnecessary.
Eagleator: Hawkodile!
Hawkodile: Eagleator!
Eagleator: We meet again, bro!
Hawkodile: I’m not your bro.
Eagleator: Then we meet again, friend!
Hawkodile: I’m not your friend.
Eagleator: Then we meet again, amigo!
Hawkodile: That’s just Spanish for friend.
Hawkodile: It’s in the past, Eagleator.
Eagleator: You know what they say about the past: it always comes back to punch you!
Hawkodile: Eat our dust!
Eagleator: And if you don’t like it, you can eat a knuckle sandwich! Yeah!
Puppycorn: Whoa, that is hardcore! Your life is so cool!
Dr. Fox: Yeah! That was amazing! So much drama and bromance!
Richard: That was the coolest story I’ve ever heard.
Puppycorn: We can do this the easy way…
Unikitty: Or the hard way!
Hawkodile: Princess, there’s a time for hugs, and there’s a time for punches. And right now, it’s time for…
Unikitty: Hugs.
Hawkodile: No, punches.
Unikitty: Oh, right. I see where you were going with that now.
Eagleator: Looking for these?
Hawkodile: You’re talking about the shades?
Eagleator: Of course I’m talking about the shades! Obviously!
Dr. Fox: Did we learn all the cool action-hero stuff and forget to learn how to fight?!
Hawkodile: Yeah, my bad.
Unikitty: Hey! He was trying to hug it out! Why do you hate friendship?!
Unikitty: Sorry I lost my temper. Even though I said it was time for hugs.
Hawkodile: No, Princess. You were right. Sometime it is time for hugs. But when your bro is a super-evil action fighter who wants to beat up you and all your friends, then it’s time for punches.
Unikitty: Yay!
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