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Thanks, Princess. Let’s do this! Now the only way to beat an action-hero is to become an action-hero. In Action Forest!

Were you looking for the location this episode is named after?

"Action Forest" is the fourth episode in the first season of Unikitty!.

It first aired on January 1, 2018 as the official series premiere, following three consecutive sneak peek episodes.


The Fanboy Factor

Hawkodile is the toughest action hero in the land, until his old rival shows up to take vengeance on him. Defeated and in need of help, Hawkodile must train Unikitty and the others into super muscle­y tough bros. And there’s only one place unstoppable warriors are made, the Action Forest.[1]

Cartoon Network

Hawkodile is the toughest action hero in the land, until his old rival shows up to take vengeance on him. Defeated and in need of help, Hawkodile must train Unikitty and the others into super muscle­y tough bros. And there's only one place unstoppable warriors are made, the Action Forest. [2]


Action Forest 1 (1)

One day, Unikitty and her friends are enjoying a picnic tea party. Despite the calm environment, Hawkodile is overprotective of the location, protecting them from a killer ant (a normal ant on Puppycorn's cake), a typhoon (a cloud in the sky), and a razor-sharp twig (a normal twig). While Puppycorn and Dr. Fox commend Hawkodile's bravery and coolness, with Richard calling it unnecessary, Unikitty praises Hawkodile for looking out for them, rewarding him with a flower crown and a kiss on the cheek. Hawkodile, thankful for the praise, comments that he is just doing his job, as danger could be anywhere, so he has to stay vigilant and watchful at all times.

Action Forest 1 (7)

However, while he is saying this, Hawkodile is suddenly attacked, with the force creating a crater in a nearby hill. Once Hawkodile comes to his senses, he realizes the attacker is Eagleator, a former friend of his. Eagleator questions if Hawkodile has gone "soft", which Hawkodile denies as he destroys the flower crown, demanding what Eagleator wants. Eagleator demands for Hawkodile's shades, which Hawkodile refuses, stating that it is in the past. In retaliation, Eagleator starts a fight. When Unikitty rushes over to help, Hawkodile warns her to stay back, which leaves him open to Eagleator's attack. As Eagleator taunts Hawkodile, he says how he is the one that deserved the shades, and yanks them off of Hawkodile. Weakened by the light, Hawkodile can do nothing to fight him. Eagleator demands a fight from Hawkodile to get the shades back, telling him to meet him at the old dojo, and flying off.

Action Forest 1 (10)

As the others rush to Hawkodile's aid, he wraps a bandanna over his eyes to shield himself from the sunlight. He explains to them that Eagleator and him used to be friends when they were younger. They were elite fighters, training to become the best action heroes. Once they passed their test, their sensei would award them with their own pair of cool sunglasses, and sent them to Action Forest to train. Together, they could defeat any enemy, smash through windows in slow motion, look great in front of explosions, and say the coolest one-liners. Despite being equals in skill, during the end of the trials, the sensei only rewarded one pair of sunglasses, which he gave to Hawkodile. In a rage, Eagleator attacked the sensei and other students, believing the glasses should be his. To stop his rage and from destroying the dojo, Hawkodile was forced to attack Eagleator, who flew off, swearing revenge.

While Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard were enamored by Hawkodile's story, Unikitty was in tears, declaring it the saddest story she ever heard. She asks if the two of them can make up, but Hawkodile insists combat is the only method. Unfortunately, without his sunglasses, Hawkodile is not fit to fight Eagleator. In desperation, he asks the others to fight for him. Sadly, the others are not equipped in fighting, leading them to the Action Forest to train.

Action Forest (0)

Through a montage, Unikitty is trained to be a hotheaded interrogator, Puppycorn a weary veteran cop, Dr. Fox a spy hacker, and Richard a tough but quiet biker. After the training, Unikitty still tries to reason with Hawkodile to simply make up with Eagleator, though Hawkodile still rebuffs this idea. Inside the dojo, Eagleator taunts Hawkodile, who sends out the others to fight for him. Unfortunately, the montage only taught them how to look cool, and did not teach them any fighting skills, making them entirely useless.

Irritated, Eagleator sends a shockwave to dispose of them, still demanding to fight Hawkodile. Despite being able to block a few hits, Hawkodile is still overpowered by Eagleator, sending the two outside of the dojo towards a cliff's edge. Unikitty, coming to her senses first, sees the two fighting, and tries to reason with Hawkodile to make up again, while he still insists he can still fight. Eagleator manages to catch him off guard with a punch, weakening his defenses. Unikitty once again tries to reason with Hawkodile, and he realizes what he needs to do.

Action Forest 1 (29)

Instead of blocking the next upcoming punch, he extends his arms out to hug Eagleator, who is entirely confused at what he is doing. Hawkodile apologizes to Eagleator, sending him into a flashback of the good times the two used to have, as he hugs back and apologizes. Unfortunately, his apology is a ruse, as he uses the position to suplex Hawkodile again. Unikitty, in anger, demands why Eagleator hates friendship, and turns into Angry Kitty, sending a flaming punch Eagleator's way, knocking the shades off of him and nearly knocking him off of the cliff, which he grabs onto.

Action Forest 1 (36)

Hawkodile retrieves his shades and tries to lend a hand to Eagleator. Eagleator refuses, vowing revenge again towards Hawkodile, as he flies off. Unikitty checks if Hawkodile is okay, and apologizes for losing her temper and attacking Eagleator, while Hawkodile assures her that she was right, that sometimes it is time for hugs, but Eagleator is so unreasonable that it is always time for punches with him.


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Background Characters


  • The scene where Unikitty breathes fire was cut in the United Kingdom.
  • An early animatic of the episode revealed that the ending fight was different from the final version. Originally, Unikitty would give a hug to Eagleator, then Hawkodile punches Eagleator while he's distracted. Hawkodile would offer a second chance to Eagleator while he is dangling from the cliff, where Eagleator would have faked his apology, instead of before his fall. Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard would have also appeared at the ending, rather than having not been present after the fight.[3]

Broadcast Information

This episode aired on January 1, 2018 on Cartoon Network in the United States, and received a total of 645,000 viewers.[4] It also premiered on March 8, 2018 in the United Kingdom.

Memorable Quotes

Unikitty: Wait, where’s Hawkodile?
Hawkodile: Princess, look out!
Unikitty: Aah! For what?!
Hawkodile That killer ant!
Puppycorn: Whoa, dude. That was so cool!
Dr. Fox: And so brave!
Richard: And so unnecessary.
Eagleator: Hawkodile!
Hawkodile: Eagleator!
Eagleator: We meet again, bro!
Hawkodile: I’m not your bro.
Eagleator: Then we meet again, friend!
Hawkodile: I’m not your friend.
Eagleator: Then we meet again, amigo!
Hawkodile: That’s just Spanish for friend.
Hawkodile: It’s in the past, Eagleator.
Eagleator: You know what they say about the past: it always comes back to punch you!
Hawkodile: Eat our dust!
Eagleator: And if you don’t like it, you can eat a knuckle sandwich! Yeah!
Puppycorn: Whoa, that is hardcore! Your life is so cool!
Dr. Fox: Yeah! That was amazing! So much drama and bromance!
Richard: That was the coolest story I’ve ever heard.
Puppycorn: We can do this the easy way…
Unikitty: Or the hard way!
Hawkodile: Princess, there’s a time for hugs, and there’s a time for punches. And right now, it’s time for…
Unikitty: Hugs.
Hawkodile: No, punches.
Unikitty: Oh, right. I see where you were going with that now.
Eagleator: Looking for these?
Hawkodile: You’re talking about the shades?
Eagleator: Of course I’m talking about the shades! Obviously!
Dr. Fox: Did we learn all the cool action-hero stuff and forget to learn how to fight?!
Hawkodile: Yeah, my bad.
Unikitty: Hey! He was trying to hug it out! Why do you hate friendship?!
Unikitty: Sorry I lost my temper. Even though I said it was time for hugs.
Hawkodile: No, Princess. You were right. Sometime it is time for hugs. But when your bro is a super-evil action fighter who wants to beat up you and all your friends, then it’s time for punches.
Unikitty: Yay!


Action Forest
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