"A Perfect Day!" is a hip hop rap that Puppycorn performs in "Music Videos". It describes the events of Puppycorn's ideal day in the Unikingdom.



♪I hop out of bed!♪

♪I'm Puppycorn♪


♪Somethin' tells me it's gonna be a good day!♪

♪I brush my hair and I wash my teeth!♪

♪Lookin' good, Puppycorn!♪

♪So do you!♪

♪Thanks, me!♪

♪Peep a day in the life of your favorite MC!♪

♪Rick made me breakfast!♪

♪Cake? Yes, please!♪

♪I kiss Rick goodbye and I hop on my ski!♪

♪And I pull some sweet tricks!♪

♪Aw yeah!♪


♪I do a bunch of rad flips and it looks real cool.♪

♪Hey ladies! (Hey)♪

♪Hey dude! (Ooh)♪

♪Hey there, Sun!♪

♪How's it hangin', Cloud?♪

♪It's a perfect day♪

♪No bad times allowed♪

♪I land at the park, and it's a party for me.♪

♪My friends are gathered around, what could it be?♪

Puppycorn (doing a bad Dino Dude impression):

♪Puppycorn, you're here!♪

♪The votes are in!♪

♪We tallied them up.♪

♪Congratulations, you win!♪

♪You're the president of cool, and it comes with a prize!♪


♪I open the box, I can't believe what's inside!♪

♪It's balls!♪


♪All kinds of balls♪

♪Big balls, little balls♪

♪Every shape and size♪

♪Balls for sport, and balls for fun!♪

♪Balls for me and everyone!♪

♪Everybody gets a ball, cause it's ball-er to share!♪

♪Then I turn into a car and I fly into the air!♪


♪Up in the ionosphere I'm feelin' good♪

♪Until a suspicious character cruises into my hood♪

Puppycorn (doing Space Emperor impression):

♪I'm the emperor of space, and I'm real, real bad!♪

♪I'm jealous of your coolness and it's making me mad!♪


♪Yo, Mr. Emperor, you ready to rock?♪

♪I Vroom-vroomed into space to clean your clock!♪

♪My engine revs up, and my paws start to glow!♪

♪The space dude looks up and he says, "Oh, no!"♪

♪You've bested me, I'm thoroughly wrecked♪

♪I have to admit, you've earned my respect♪

♪Since this righterou has battles come to an end♪

♪May I shake your hand and become your friends?♪

♪Then we shake hands, and I turn him into a pizza!♪

♪And then I eat him. (Chewing noise) Mmm delicious, what a great day!♪



  • According to the song's video credits in "Music Videos", "A Perfect Day!" was produced by "McCorn-Horn Records" for the album My Apologies for Party Blasting.
  • This song may be a parody of the music of American electronic dance music duo LMFAO.
    • The song's 'album', "My Apologies for Party Blasting" is most likely a reference to LMFAO's 2011 album "Sorry for Party Rocking".

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